Leo Dooley
Personal Information
Full Name Leo Francis Dooley
Gender Male
Age 14
Resides In TBA
Professional Information
Education High School
Love Interests Danielle


Family Chase (step-brother)

Adam (step-brother)
Bree (step-sister)
Tasha Davenport (mother)
Donald Davenport (step-father)

Portrayed by Tyrel Jackson Williams
First appearance Crush, Chop, and Burn

Leo Dooley is the lead character in Lab Rats. He's portrayed by Tyrel Jackson Williams.


Leo is a normal teenager who finds the bionic trio in his new dad's mansion. Leo is not popular at school, and he only wishes to be a great inventor like his dad and be popular.


Donald DavenportEdit

He is Leo's step-father. He created the bionic trio and owns the house that Leo moves into.Donald is also a inventor of multiple bionic things.

Tasha DavenportEdit

She is Leo's mother.


  • Leo says that his middle name is Danger, even though it's really Francis.
  • Leo is a very good dancer.
  • He has a crush on a girl named Danielle.