Donald Davenport
Personal Information
Full Name Donald Davenport
Gender Male
Age 38
Resides In TBA
Professional Information
Education College Graduate
Love Interests Tasha Davenport (wife)
Family Chase (son)

Adam (son)
Bree (daughter)
Leo Dooley (step-son)

Portrayed by Hal Sparks
First appearance Crush, Chop, and Burn

Donald Davenport is the step-father of Leo. He's married to Tasha. He's portrayed by Hal Sparks.


Donald is a scientist inventor who created the bioic super humans, know as the "Lab Rats." When he married Leo's mother, they moved into his home that he bought with the money he got from inventing things for the government. Leo, his step son, accidentaly discovered his secret lair where he kept his super humans.


Tasha DavenportEdit

Tasha is Donald's wife.

Leo DooleyEdit

Leo is Donald's stepson.


Chase is Donald's adopted son, and Donald experiments on him.


Adam is Donald's adopted son, and Donald experiments on him.


Bree is Donald's adopted daughter, and Donald experiments on her.


  • His room has video games, action figures, and a 50 ft TV screen.
  • He invented a virtual, holographic 3D TV.