Crush, Chop and Burn
Season 1, Episode 1
230px-Crush, Chop and Burn
Air date February 27, 2012
Written by Chris Peterson & Bryan Moore
Directed by Victor Gonzalez
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Crush, Chop, and Burn is the pilot episode of Lab Rats. It'll air on February 27, 2012.


Leo discovers three teen superhumans — Adam, Bree, and Chase — in the secret underground basement of his new home. Leo decides to take them to school, but when their bionic abilities discharge on campus, his stepfather, Donald moves them to a remote lab. Now, Leo must find a way to save his new friends.


  • The episode was originally filmed in 2010 when the series was titled "Billion Dollar Freshman", but it was refilmed in September 2011 when the series was picked up and retitled "Lab Rats".